The Travels of the Lincot Man

Come with me - The Lincot Man - we'll drive the long and lonesome roads for a year, delivering the
Famous Lincot Socks to farms and sheep stations in South Australia and far west New South Wales.
Hitch-hike with me - from Ireland through Europe, the Greek Islands, Middle East and North Africa.
Ramble with me - as I explore the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, from Ayrshire to Shetland.
Rough it with me - overland from Ireland to Australia via Europe, Central Asia and the Far East.
Drive with me - across the USA and come for a wander down to Chile via Central & South America.
Explore with me - the coral reefs of the Red Sea and the desolation of the Sinai Desert.
Sail with me - island-hopping through Indonesia and the Philippines.
Sleep with me - under the stars on the remote Pacific islands of Rapa Nui and New Caledonia.

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When I first stepped out of the warmth and safety of my mother's kitchen on the stormy south coast of Ireland, there was no such tag as 'Backpacker'. I left home with just a few pounds in my pocket, my passport, and the naiveté of innocent curiosity. Like a blank slate, I was ready to be written on as I hitchhiked away across the world.

There are many and varied stories here: tales from the Highlands, the long and lonely roads through Europe, hitchhiking southeast to the Greek Islands, and dangerous times in the Middle East and North Africa. There are accounts of two overland journeys from Ireland to Australia - the first via the east thru Afghanistan, India and Southeast Asia, the second via the Americas and the Pacific Islands. The book begins with the travels of the
Lincot Man in outback Australia, sprinkled with accounts of early life in Ireland. There are more recent tales of rough travel through the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines - travelling with the locals on slow trains, terrible buses, and cockroach infested boats - to places 'where no human hand ever set foot!'

There are several different aspects and colours to this book, humour mixed with a bit of
gravitas, and I hope you will travel with me to the end--370 pages and thousands of miles of roads. If you've never read a book, ask your beloved to read it to you--I promise you more laughs than tears.
Both the eBook and Paperback contain maps and photos.