Hobie 16 Crack in Front Crossbar

Repaired with 16 1/8 rivets on a patch from an old crossbar. We used West Epoxy and filler underneath. The patch came form a H16 wrecked by the local Tsunami Brothers--one of many cats they've wrecked!
One day I rescued their 'crew' (the wife) after she'd been hit on the head by the improvised boom--a piece of 2x4--and knocked overboard.
The second time I plucked her outta the sea after she'd dislocated her shoulder.
I believe she now lives in the outback!

Old holes in the crossbars--some unused and some worn out of shape from excess movement.
After adding epoxy all 24 rivets had to be re-drilled from the castings and the cleat holes too.




Replacing the Trampoline

Having small hands I dread replacing the tramp but this time I got it right; nice and tight and only Crazy Minnie to help--or get in the way.

Using some tips I found on this forum here's what I did:

I used the mainsheet to pull in the sidebars.
Don the sailing gloves.
Lace the tramp at the center.
Lace the rear section and used an old spade handle (after I broke the handle of the rubber mallet) to lever and
tension the line against the rear beam, always pulling UP through the grommet and planting a piece of doweling in the grommet to prevent the line retracting while tensioning the next.
I went over these two rear lines several time and then went back to the center again using the T-shape of the
handle to lever and tension without damaging the tramp.
In the past I used vice grips as recommended by some users but found it damaged the line. The wooden plugs are a great idea.

Hull/Deck Seam Repairs

Starboard Hull (outside) split from the side-stay bolt forward to the bow.
A clean separation (luckily) with no broken or torn fiberglass.

Work done by my friend Stuart using West System Epoxy and filler

thickened to a peanut butter consistency as advised by MBounds (Hobie forum).

Remove the old epoxy with a disk grinder.

Use small clamps --lightweight are better than heavy so as not to upset the epoxy or squeeze it too tight.

Check your own boat--you may be surprised to find cracking in the seams!


Stepping the Mast- Solo: http://youtu.be/8kUJGgtI-B8
Catamaran Dogamaran:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1G9FpnTIOI
Sailing at Seacliff, South Australia:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmc8uoPIBlg&feature=channel