(The hard trip!)
From 'The Travels of the Lincot Man'
Chapter 27

This account is compiled from my little notebook and from emails sent to friends during my two month journey from Denpasar in Bali to the island of Morotai in Maluku, travelling east and then north via Lombok, Flores, Sumbawa, Lembata, Alor, West Timor, Ternate, Tidore, and Halmahera in the northern Spice Islands.
I have just a rather vague itinerary for this year's trip (not unusual) with the ultimate destination being Halmahera in North Maluku, travelling via the islands of Nusa Tenggara, east and then north. From reading other travellers' reports, it seems that if I can survive independent travel through Lombok - reportedly daylight robbery attempted at every turn - then the rest should be OK - more or less! I've read about the notorious bus journeys on long and winding roads through the island of Flores, but if I can limit my travel to four of five hours a day it should be survivable.
Arriving at Denpasar airport around midnight Sunday August 1, I did my usual trick to avoid the taxi touts, walking outside beyond the gates to the main road to catch a regular cab to the always good
Nakula Familiar Inn. Slept late next morning and decided to stay a second night. Tuesday morning I walked to the Ubung bus terminal and a bus to the ferry to Lembar, on the Island of Lombok, to the east.
I found a room at
Losmen Tidar, the only hotel - I'd stayed there one night two years before. Behind the façade, it's a dirty mossie trap with none of the good food listed in Lonely Planet. I awoke from pussycat-stroking dreams to find a 'tikus besar hitam' - A BIG BLACK RAT, sniffing my hand! I had been eating peanuts before bed and I guess the smell attracted him; he wasn't in a hurry to leave either as he slinked off the bed and out through the hole in the door - rat-flap ….?

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The Travels of the Lincot Man

Come with me - The Lincot Man - we'll drive the long and lonesome roads for a year, delivering the
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Ramble with me - as I explore the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, from Ayrshire to Shetland.
Rough it with me - overland from Ireland to Australia via Europe, Central Asia and the Far East.
Drive with me - across the USA and come for a wander down to Chile via Central & South America.
Explore with me - the coral reefs of the Red Sea and the desolation of the Sinai Desert.
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